Divorce mediation

Parties wishing to separate in a respectful manner can opt for divorce mediation.

The divorce mediator is neutral and unbiased. In several meetings, he assists the parties in working out a comprehensive arrangement with regard the consequences of their divorce. The divorce mediator facilitates the negotiation process and provides legal information about all the topics involved – parenting plan, spousal and child maintenance, division/settlement of property, pension etc. This should enable all the parties to make a well-considered arrangement.

The divorce mediator draws up reports of the meetings. They serve as the basis for the arrangements made by the spouses that will eventually be laid down in a divorce agreement. This agreement is to be signed by the parties. Together with a joint divorce petition, the divorce agreement is filed with the court by the divorce mediator. The decision is received after about 6 weeks by the divorce mediator, after which it is registered in the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry. From then onwards, the divorce is a fact.

Advantages of mediation

Divorce mediation offers many advantages:

  • Divorce mediation is faster than legal proceedings (which may last several years) In which each party is assisted by their own lawyer;
  • It is cheaper: the parties only need one divorce mediator who assists both of them;
  • The tenability of the settlements is longer than when the court has made a decision. Indeed, the parties have reached the settlement themselves and are therefore more likely to abide by it.

Alexander Leuftink, Martin Weenink, Alexandra Morot and Chantal van Baalen-Van IJzendoorn are experienced divorce mediators who have completed the three year specialist training of the vFAS (the Dutch Association of Family and succession Lawyers and Divorce Mediators).

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Besides the regular mediation trajectory, LINK Advocaten also offers divorce mediation through the new media. In this way, mediation is also available for divorcing spouses of which one is living abroad.

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