Alexander Leuftink

Partner, lawyer and divorce mediator | IAFL/AFCC fellow
vFAS | Collaborative divorce lawyer (VvCP)

Alexander gained vast experience in litigation. He is often involved in dispute litigation, including summary proceedings (kort geding) and prejudgment attachment by one spouse of the matrimonial community of property (maritaal beslag). He specialises in asset allocation in divorce situations. Both national and international clients.

He is a litigator, but always ensures whether the case is capable for out of court settlement. Alexander is fluent in Dutch, English and German. He is down to earth, responsive and efficient, without losing sight of the emotional aspects.

Alexander is elected a fellow of the IAFL, the International Academy of Family Lawyers. IAFL is a worldwide association of practising lawyers who are recognised by their peers as the most experienced and skilled family law specialists in their respective countries. In addition Alexander is a fellow of the AFCC, the association of Family and Conciliation Courts, the premier interdisciplinary and international association of professionals dedicated to the resolution of family conflict.

Alexander has finalised vFAS’ specialist training on Private International Law cum laude. He has expertise in international divorce forum and jurisdictional disputes on divorce. He advises lawyers and individuals abroad on Dutch family law and procedural law. He is also available for a second opinion, advice on the interpretation of prenuptial agreements, maintenance issues and international child abduction cases. Alexander is a specialized child abduction lawyer and a member of The Dutch Association of International Child Abduction Lawyers (DIAL). He is regularly instructed by parents in child abduction proceedings (Hague and non–Hague).

In addition to a family lawyer and a child abduction lawyer, Alexander is a divorce mediator and collaborative divorce lawyer. He has extensive experience in the use of new media in mediations, such as Skype. He is fully qualified as a vFAS divorce mediator (the Dutch Association of Family and Succession Lawyers /Divorce Mediators) and certified collaborative divorce lawyer (VvCP). Alexander is also registered with the MfN (Dutch Mediators Federation), a board member of the federation and a member of  other mediation associations in the Netherlands.

In 2016 Alexander was appointed as an Officer of the International Organisation of Young Lawyers/Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats (AIJA) (Private Clients Commission & Member of the Executive Committee (EC)). AIJA is the only global association devoted to young lawyers and has 4,000 members and supporters in 90 different countries.

President vFAS and IMFO

Between 2018 – 2023 Alexander was the president of the Dutch Association of Family and Succession Lawyers / Divorce Mediators (vFAS) and the president of the Institute for Mediation and Family Law Education (IMFO), the educational institute of vFAS. IMFO is a certified educational institute and provides the three year mandatory vocational training for all specialized family lawyers and certified mediators. vFAS is the largest family and succession law / mediation association in the Netherlands (+ 1,000 members) and committed to the interests of specialized family lawyers and divorce mediators.  On behalf of vFAS Alexander was a member of numerous committees.