Collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is a relatively new conflict-resolution method, halfway between mediation and litigation.

The advantages of mediation (full disclosure and confidentiality) and of litigation (each party having its own lawyer who coaches and advises his client and participates in consultations) are merged in a collaborative divorce. When mediation proves impossible and the partners wish to prevent harsh litigation, collaborative divorce offers the ideal solution.

The process is open and transparent, with the partners producing all the required and relevant information. The clients and their lawyers form the basic team. The lawyers promote their client’s primary interests, supervise negotiations between the parties and also ensure that the collaborative divorce is conducted fairly and constructively by both sides. All the parties concerned sign a participation agreement which contains these arrangements. The divorce can thus take place in a respectful and open environment, as all the parties concerned agree from the start to do their utmost to complete this process successfully.

The partners can also seek the help of experts, such as psychologists or coaches for the partners and/or the children. In addition, financial experts such as tax consultants and accountants may be called in, for instance for appraising a firm. As a rule, experts are appointed by both partners, so as to prevent unnecessarily complicated battles of experts. Like the other participants, the experts engaged are working under the umbrella of the participation agreement.

Our partners Alexandra Morot, Martin Weenink and Alexander Leuftink are our collaborative divorce lawyers.

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