Business people

For business people, a divorce involves not only personal interests but also business interests. Moreover, their private and business affairs are financially interwoven.

Business people are typically faced with questions such as:

  • Does the value of my business have to be divided or settled, and what valuation method is to be applied?
  • What is to happen to the pension provisions I have accrued privately?
  • How is the amount of the income determined in case of maintenance?

Business people often fail to perceive the property-law impact of their divorce until it is too late. Only in front of the judge do they become aware of its far-reaching consequences. Business people, but also their spouses, are therefore well advised to have their legal position after a divorce charted in detail.

Even if there is a marriage contract, this does not guarantee that the business will not be affected. Matrimonial property law is changing constantly. Jurisprudence is ambiguous when it comes to interpreting the marriage contract, not even in the case of a marriage contract precluding any claim by one spouse on assets accruing to the other spouse during the marriage.

We will assist you by means of realistic advice in which we consider both the business interests and the personal interests and seek to balance them. We will also do this when we represent the businessperson’s spouse.

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